Daniel Terragno, a native of Chile, is a teacher in the koan tradition of the Diamond Sangha, which was founded by Robert Aitken Roshi (1917-2010). Daniel is the dharma heir of John Tarrant Roshi of the Pacific Zen Institute. Daniel started his spiritual practice in 1967 studying the Gurdjieff Work with W.A. Nyland before taking up Zen. Daniel received authorization to teach Zen in 1995, and in 2001 received dharma transmission from Tarrant Roshi.

Daniel also teaches and leads sesshin in Ohio with Yellow Springs Dharma Center and Grupo Zen Viento del Sur (Southern Wind) in Argentina, based in Buenos Aires, and also in Santiago, Chile.

Daniel resides primarily in Sebastapol, CA where he is the founding teacher of Rocks and Clouds Zendo. He joins us each fall and spring for sesshin and offers us guidance as needed. He can be contacted at (707)824.5647 or via email

Below is a video from the public talk given by Daniel on November 18, 2015 at Yoga on High in Columbus, entitled Lay Zen Meditation Practice: Waking Up to Who and What We Are.

Also view the Q&A that followed.


Diamond Sangha teachers with Robert Aitken Roshi(1917-2010) at the celebration of its 50th Anniversary


Sesshin (the Japanese word literally means “to touch the heart-mind”) is an opportunity to draw from the tremendous strength of people practicing together, to receive personal guidance in private meetings with the teacher, and to experience the deep stillness that lies within each of us. The sesshin can become an inspiring spiritual experience for anyone, irrespective of previous experience or religious affiliation.

ZOHI members take part in two five day sesshins each year, spring and fall, with Roshi Daniel Terragno, and sponsored by the Yellow Springs Dharma Center.

Fall 2016 Sesshin
Oct. 28 – Nov. 2, 2016
Jesuit Spiritual Center, Milford, OH

Cost of retreat:
$550/ 5 days
$250/ weekend only
Traditional dana to the teacher given individually.

More information here or contact zen@ysdharma.org or call 937.767.7140.

Rocks and Clouds Zendo, Sebastopol, California
Yellow Springs Dharma Center, Yellow Springs, Ohio
Buddhism Central Ohio A network of Buddhist practioners in and around Columbus, Ohio

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